Clean Eating for the Busy Person Program

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Starter program kit for the busy person who is trying to live their busy life but shift over to a healthier, clean eating plan for the long term. Get a detailed menu plan, grocery shopping list, and recipe books for 14 days of delicious meals!
Clean Eating for the Busy Person
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Eating clean is eating healthy to support your own health and wellbeing for the long haul. This program gives you a 2-week how-to plan to get started right

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the World of Clean Eating!

  • 2

    Clean Eating Suggested Meals - Week 1

    • Clean Eating Program Week 1 Made Easy

  • 3

    Clean Eating Program Suggested Meals - Week 2

    • Clean Eating Week 2 Made Easy

  • 4

    Clean Eating Program Recipe Guide

    • Clean Eating Program Recipe Guide

  • 5

    BONUS - Workout Plan Using Dumbbells

    • BONUS - Workout Plan Using Hand-Held Weights to Get You Started

  • 6

    BONUS - Clean Eating Recipe Sampler

    • BONUS - Clean Eating Recipe Sampler - Additional Recipes

  • 7

    Printable Food Intake Diary Forms

    • Food Intake Diary Options

  • 8

    Healthy Foods BONUS LISTS

    • Top Foods to Eat Organic

    • Anti-Inflammatory Foods Checklist - Eat This, Not That

    • Sample Clean Eating Grocery List Going Forward

    • Substitute Flavor for Salt at Every Meal

    • Sample Clean Eating 7-Day Meal Plan

    • The Dirty Dozen Eating Clean Means Avoiding Chemical Additives and Contaminants in Food

    • BONUS REPORT - 7 Healthy Alternatives for Your Favorite Junk Foods

    • BONUS REPORT - Empowering Tips to Help You Eat Clean

  • 9

    Next Steps - More Resources

    • Clean Eating Tips for When You're Away from Home

    • Resources After the 14 Days of Clean Eating

Clean Eating is the Way to Go

Eliminating Bad Carbs is a Great Start, but There's More to Enjoying a Healthier Lifestyle...

Eating low carb means that you have to learn how to avoid sugar. But getting healthier through diet - what you eat - means going beyond "low carb" for the long term. What you really want to to eat clean all around. Whether you do this to lose weight or to feel more energy, clean eating can get you there. Think you're too busy to try? This "Clean Eating for the Busy Person" gives you all the specifics that you'll need and want to take your healthier lifestyle to the next level. Menu plans? We've got them. Grocery shopping lists to get the right foods? We've got those too. And fantastic tasty recipes to keep you going. Give this a try for yourself...