Course curriculum

  • 1

    Why Walk? Enjoy the Benefits of Walking

    • Medical Disclaimer

    • The Many Health Benefits of Walking Every Day

    • How Walking Relieves Stress (video and text) - Check this out...

    • How Walking Can Improve Your Mental Health

    • Walking for Weight Loss: What You Should Know

  • 2

    Tips on When, Where, and How to Walk

    • How You Can Easily Incorporate More Walking Into Your Routine

    • Is Walking Every Single Day Necessary?

    • Benefits of Walking in the Morning

    • Benefits of Walking in the Evening

    • Benefits of Stretching Before and After Your Walks

    • Pre and Postworkout Snack Ideas

    • Should You Be Tracking Your Steps?

  • 3

    Choosing the Right Walking Gear

    • Fitness Gear for Your Walking Routine

    • Tips for Finding the Right Walking Shoes

    • Helpful Accessories When Walking Outdoors

  • 4

    Managing Common Challenges for People Who Walk Regularly

    • How to Stay Motivated with Your Walking Journey

    • How to Prepare for Different Weather Conditions While Walking

    • Dealing with Leg Cramps from Walking

    • Walking When You Have Bad Knees

    • The 6 Best Treadmill Tips

  • 5

    Next Steps - Literally?

    • Ways to Walk More Outdoors

    • Ways to Walk More Indoors

    • The Benefits of Increasing Your Walking Speed

    • Why Walk at an Incline on the Treadmill?

    • Why Hiking is a Great Form of Exercise

    • Walking to Jogging Your First 5K