Course curriculum

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    Your Guide to Yoga for Beginners

    • Medical Disclaimer

    • Yoga for Beginners Guide - DOWNLOAD

    • The Anatomy of Yoga Infographic

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    Welcome to the video course!

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    Next Phase of Poses...

    • 09-cobra-upward-facing-dog

    • 10-beginners-flow

    • 11-flow-2

    • 12-low-runners-lunge-left

    • 13-low-lunge-right-side

    • 14-high-lunge-left

    • 15-high-lunge-right

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    Final Set of Yoga Beginner Poses

    • Why Yoga? Inspirational quotes to motivate you along the way

    • 16-warrior-one-left

    • 17-warrior-right

    • 18-warrior-two-left

    • 19-warrior-two-right

    • 20-standing-forward-bend

    • 21-chair-pose-side

    • 22-chair-pose-front

    • 23-chair-pose-twist-left

    • BONUS LESSON - Yoga Poses for Depression Relief

    • Lose Weight with Yoga BONUS

    • Yoga Poses for Back Pain Relief - Cheatsheet BONUS

    • Using Meditation to Enhance Yoga Practice & Wellbeing BONUS

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    Wrapping Things Up

    • Conclusions - Yoga for Beginners

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

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